Ocho Rios Villa Rental

Ocho Rios in recent years has experienced an explosion in hotel developments. The once small fishing village is now home to a thriving port, museums, night clubs beautiful beaches, guided tours, Dunns River Falls, Dolphin Cove and many other attractions where guests can let go and enjoy the wonderful Jamaican experience.

Ocho Rios is also home to several gardens that are open to the public. There are caves for those who are interested in site seeing and a working plantation with active tours. Visitors can enjoy bicycle or horseback riding during these tours or take part in river tubing. Most of these attractions do provide the equipment necessary to take part in the activities for a small fee. There are night clubs for those who love the night life and several golf courses. You can purchase memorabilia at the local markets for those who are more adventurous. Ocho Rios Is also home to the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival and as far as vacations are concerned Ocho Rios offers something for everyone. sobi za izdavanje

Many guests are now moving away from the traditional hotels and are opting to stay in Villas instead. In doing this, they are free to create there own adventurous experience instead of going by what the hotels have to offer, this way they can truly experience authentic Jamaica. Villas are complete with the necessary staff such as butlers, cooks, security and housekeeping personnel that will cater to all your needs. There are even some villas that will provide you with a nanny or chauffeur upon request.

There are well over fifty villas in Ocho Rios to choose from each offering a unique experience, you are sure to find something that will fit your budget. Villas range from the small and cosy to the large and spacious, which ever you choose you can be assured that the staff will treat you as an honoured guest as they take care of your every need. There are town house villas, mansions and cottages available in and around Ocho Rios with amenities such as private spas or hot tub where you can relax and unwind after a long day of fun filled activities.

The cost for renting one of these villas will vary depending of factors such as the location, number of bedrooms types of meals and staff the cost will increase based on the extras you add. Keep in mind that the cost will vary based on the seasons the rates will increase during the winter and are reduced in the summer months. Most that come from the frigid parts of the north see the extra expense as being worth it, as it is a welcomed break from the colder climates. Ocho Rios remains 80 degrees F the entire year so visiting during the simmer months is still a relief from the extreme temperatures of other places.

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